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Many owners have issues in their HOA. It's usually not because you didn't read the CCRs and rules before you moved in. The big problem is the HOA Industry. Owners are powerless unless they can afford an attorney. Meet with your local Association of Realtors and your Dept of Real Estate. The link below shows you the presentation I made recently. You may use the info and change to be more specific to your area. I requested better education for agents, and also that they use an advisory that notifies the buyer about many of the issues, most of which an agent can't even protect the client on. A disclosure should be used to protect the public and will help bring about exposure of the issues, and possible changes in the law.

Disclaimer: I am not an attorney. None of the information on this site is intended to be, nor should be considered legal advice.

Speaking up at the Scottsdale City Council meeting (fast forward to the 25 minute mark)

Videos 'Faces of HOA Abuse'

Open letter to real estate professionals...

Dear Fellow Realtors,

One issue I've identified is that very little is discussed and taught about the potential issues with HOAs, and the HOA Industry itself. What we have not focused on is that all those amenities could change or go away based on decisions of volunteer board members (that are indemnified from any liability for their actions) and unlicensed and unregulated HOA management companies (they need not answer to anyone). That life in that HOA could either be pleasant and friendly or a constant source of confrontation and intimidation depending on the nature of that board or its managing agent. To that end I've tried to make it my mission to inform fellow Realtors and the public of things that they have to consider before buying in an HOA. I've written a sample HOA Industry Advisory at  covering issues about the HOA Industry that I believe all agents, buyers and owners should be aware of.

Who do you think the courts will hold accountable for disclosure issues where the buyer is harmed by failure to disclose significant material facts about the HOA and HOA Industry, or significant additional cost required by a special assessment not disclosed prior to closing? The volunteer board indemnified from liability for its actions, the unlicensed and unregulated management company or the licensed and regulated Realtor?

The Agency Disclosure came into existence due to problems with the public not knowing and being harmed. More people have been harmed by the current HOA Industry, and yet we have no disclosure about the very troubled HOA Industry. Possibly, this is because the HOA Industry has powerful lobby groups fighting to keep a disclosure from being utilized by Realtors, fighting to keep us from being educated on the numerous issues effecting our clients? Did you know that the court could hold you to a higher standard than the regulatory agencies? Are you comfortable just doing the bare minimum and taking a chance of being liable for damages to your client? The facts of the HOA Industry are reasonably discoverable. The disclosure of material facts trumps fiduciary duty. An HOA Industry Advisory helps agents protect themselves from future complaints. The best way to avoid claims of wrong doing is to lay all the cards on the table upfront. The fact that a real estate professional has fulfilled his or her obligations set out in the real estate licensing laws and rules may not necessarily satisfy the courts in the event of a lawsuit. An attorney has stated that using the HOA Industry Advisory probably provides you a certain level of protection. I have requested to speak to the AAR Risk Management Committee.

What I ask of you today is that you read the HOA Industry Advisory, and review any of the other information on my HOA website, and learn as much as you can of the potential impacts on owning in an HOA. That you take this information and share it with other agents. And most importantly that you inform your clients on what to  look for and what to ask prior to buying into an HOA.

I'm involved with a dedicated group of homeowners working with select state senators to propose and support legislation that will require HOAs to more completely disclose the financial and behavioral nature of the HOA to buyers and to protect buyers from undisclosed violations. We are also working on many other proposed legislation that will protect the interest and the rights of the homeowners, and limit the ability of an HOA to foreclose on a home. We are also working on requiring licensing and regulation of the HOA managers.

We ask for your support in our efforts to pass HOA reform legislation and that you include your voice to request that AAR and ADRE support these legislative efforts as well.

Thank you for your time and patience.


There is a large group of us meeting on the 3rd Monday of the month with Senator Farnsworth, 1pm at the Capitol.
I support doing licensing (not credentials, they already have that and it does no good, no power to fine, suspend or revoke a license), and regulations. I recommend doing it right and to keep trying until the legislators do the right thing, and protect the public.
The bills that Senator Farnsworth ultimately does, are his decision and will be influenced by the HOA lobby groups.
One HOA attorney in attendance wants to do a simple bill that still leaves the managers unaccountable. The lobby groups may say that the owners in this group supported this, but that is not true.
Another big untruth they spread is that any homeowner issue is an 'isolated incident'. The real isolated incident is the 'good HOA', and the good HOA manager (however the good HOA manager may be a myth, what fairy tales are made of).
We need licensing and regulations to protect all owners. I asked if we could form a formal advisory board to educate the legislature and did not get approval on this. However not told to the group, there is some group being formed that we are not a part of, and said group contains guess who, the HOA lobby groups. These groups control the education that is available to the public, and seem to with the legislators as well.
I don't have much hope our group will accomplish much, so I ask...we as owners need to plan a mission to educate all owners, realtors, legislators. Please use any info on my site, pass it out at city classes, to your neighbors etc. One question I have is, why even use an HOA management company until they are sufficiently licensed and regulated? And you may find, you don't need one at all. A board can manage their HOA and hire someone just to help with specific items such as the financials; use an accountant.
Please help in the education movement, fight the fairy tales. The first step in fixing problems is acknowledging the problems. 

Buyers have few choices if they do not want to be in an HOA

Public Awareness Campaign!

This video quickly shows you how children are affected by HOAs. It also identifies how un-American HOAs really are. We are working with a legislator on improving laws in HOA land, but need the problems exposed and the public to speak up. This video is asking that you watch and participate in exposure, by sharing this video with others.

HOA Industry Survey

Some Positive Thoughts on HOAs

HOAs can get better, one at a time. The warnings on this website are important, but even more important in HOAs that contain numerous responsibilities.
If you are just single family homes, only having community parks needing landscaping, it should be pretty easy, less risk.
If you are in a condo where the HOA is responsible for roads, complete exterior maintenance of your building, etc, you do have much more risk. If you buy into an HOA that has neglected to maintain the community, you could face large special assessments, and you could also be left wondering why nothing is getting done. A property in poor condition decreases property values. If there are safety issues not being corrected, you are at risk of possible lawsuits to the HOA if someone is injured.
My hope is that we can get back to the basics, live harmoniously in our HOAs. Take control and manage our HOAs as a business.
If your HOA is short on funds from long term mismanagement, take the steps needed to save money. Save money by going 'self managed', have a bid committee, possibly hire someone to assist/consult in specific areas where the board feels they need help.
If you have a property manager, remember they are unlicensed and unregulated, and should be used as a tool only. Do not give them authority to continue to run your HOA as they choose, and definitely they should not be on your bank accounts. The amount of underfunded and mismanaged condominiums is proof that the current management by HOA money makers is not working.
 I have investigated many HOAs, and issues that exist. If you would like to look at different options to try to improve your community, please contact me.

Petition Link for HOA Reform

Of the few states that have licensed HOA management companies, they all lack substance due to the lobbying efforts by the HOA industry. Don't support the HOA industry lobby groups version of licensing/regulating. Please sign the petition on the link below asking for AZ to be the first state to create a pro-owner HOA industry. It would be beneficial if Boards would ask all residents in their HOA to sign the petition.

Why state licensing and substantial regulations of HOA property management companies is good for HOA Boards and owners! 

In formal classes the HOA industry money makers (property management companies and attorneys) seem to smirk/smile when they say “but ultimately the Board is responsible for everything.”

It seems most HOA attorneys are in lobby groups with the property management companies which then lobby to keep the HOA management companies unlicensed and unregulated (or as they say, self governed).

This is not in the best interest for you.

You are relying on self-proclaimed ‘professionals’ who are unlicensed and unregulated HOA property managers. When they give their so-called ‘expert advice,’ should they not be required to follow the laws, and be held accountable for their actions? As a Board member, you are…

Licensing and substantial regulations should result in less attorney fees! Simple issues such as not following the law, could be handled in a complaint department. The management company would be required to follow the more ridiculous lawsuits due to not following open meeting laws, or refusing to show owners the records. They would be obligated to follow the law, and if they don’t, there would be fines, suspensions and revocations of licenses.

Call and email Legislators, Real Estate Commissioner, Association of Realtors and your city officials.

Don’t fall for the HOA industry saying it’s going to cost the HOAs more money. The cost to have a license and take classes, are just a part of doing business. Real estate agents aren’t complaining because the cost to renew their license is $75 in AZ, and they can take 24 hours of renewal classes for $100, and that is every two years!

Think about how much HOAs have already lost in the current circumstances, especially in attorney fees and embezzlement cases. HOAs can negotiate lower management fees than they are currently paying.

Credentialing is not enough. Something similar would be...imagine real estate agents not being licensed, and simply just being part of their lobby group, the Association of Realtors.

HOA reform needs to include: licensing and substantial regulations through the Dept of Real Estate, with the power to fine, suspend and revoke licenses, combined with a complaint process to handle HOA problems without attorney fees. Laws need to be made with no interference from lobby groups to ensure proper regulations. New substantial laws to benefit homeowners is the goal, consumers first, not lobby group members that are profiting off HOAs.

Videos by HOA Savers

Here is basic information that the public and real estate agents should know about HOAs. Knowing before you buy that an HOA has issues is important; no surprise special assessments, and buyers that may be active in their involvement in their new HOA.
HOA's and those that control them (Boards, unlicensed HOA management companies and HOA attorneys) have too much power. Too many owners are subjected to bullying, threats and harassment. Too many communities are underfunded and are in poor condition, physically and financially. Please legislators, license and substantially regulate them thru the Dept of Real Estate and don't allow their lobby group to interfere with the creation of substantial regulations to protect the public. They've made you look like fools for too long, nationwide. This 'bad HOA industry' is from you only listening to one side, the side that profits off HOAs. Step up and make AZ the first state to create a pro-homeowner HOA industry.

This is a must see and can save your HOA tons of money!

A great article regarding CCRs

"Buying Into An HOA With Your Eyes Wide Open!"

Have you ever sent your Board a letter?


PLEASE ATTEMPT TO FOLLOW THE RESERVE STUDY We do not want to be hit with a huge special assessment. Please notify all owners yearly on the reserve study; percent funded, how much is saved compared to how much is recommended to be saved, what repairs were done compared to the recommended repairs. Please do a reserve budget! A well-funded HOA, is something to put on your listing when you sell! Buyers are starting to look at this, not just the monthly fee. Arizona Real Estate Agents are sharing information with each other on how to better serve their clients, and reserve studies are the most important indicator of the financial health and past management of the HOA.

WE PAY FOR MAINTENANCE THAT IS REQUIRED VIA THE CCRS It’s no different than a house...if it’s not maintained the value will be less. Please use our funds wisely and maintain our property. Please treat all owners the same. Please also represent the truth about what the HOA insurance covers, and what the CCRs dictate.

UNLICENSED AND UNREGULATED HOA MANAGEMENT COMPANIES* Why are HOA management companies on our bank accounts? Why are HOA attorneys lobbying with HOA management companies to keep them unlicensed and unregulated, shouldn’t our attorneys lobby to add protections in the law for the homeowners and the Boards?

HOA ATTORNEY WARNING Make sure you are hiring and using an HOA attorney that will represent the HOA 100%, including holding the management company accountable for their actions. If they will not sue the management company, find one that will.

LAWSUITS They can interfere with the ability to obtain financing on our property. Please hold recall meetings when they are called for by owners, please fix safety issues and maintenance issues promptly, please make decisions that minimize the chance that there will be a lawsuit.

FINANCING ISSUES WITH CONDOMINIUMS If our community loses the ability for buyers to obtain financing, the value of the property will decrease. Please make sure the owner occupancy is tracked correctly, not just by onsite and offsite addresses. Please make sure the percent of owners more than 30 days or more delinquent is accurate. Please help when owners are trying to sell or refinance.

WE WANT MORE FROM YOU AND FROM THE LEGISLATORS Revise HOA management company agreements and add in the protections that are missing in the statutes since they are not licensed or regulated. Remove the indemnification clause for the management company; why pay to defend them if they are negligent? Please obtain your own bids for repairs in the community to try to ensure we are not overpaying, follow the reserve study, make sure there are procedures in place to help prevent embezzlement of our HOA funds. Are you getting copies of the bank statements directly from the bank? Are you checking the bank activity online so you can view the cashed checks? Are all board members reviewing the invoices? In class we were told that the Board can delegate to the management company, but that YOU are ultimately responsible. Changing the law making them accountable is needed. Please take accurate meeting minutes, and don’t allow the management company to modify them before you even get to see them.

FEES CHARGED BY THE MANAGEMENT COMPANY Do you know that the Board can negotiate lower fees for resales? Negotiate lower transfer and disclosure fees! And put a clause in the contract that they are not to charge owners for any other fees. Recent fees I’ve heard of are $20 to tell an owner what the fees are, and $100 to do a pre-closing inspection looking for violations (shouldn’t that be part of the disclosure fee!). And owners should get the fees to sell in writing from the management company. Too many owners have been surprised by additional fees at closing. Be careful with your management contracts; if copies are included, make sure printing is too. Make sure all new board members have copies of the contracts so they don’t pay for coupon books if they are included, so they don’t pay for a termite warranty when there is already one in place.

YOU ARE ON THE BOARD AND HAVE POWER Imagine America where all owners are fined for garbage cans, weeds, parking...and then sued for this, and all neighbors paying the attorney’s bill. If that seems crazy, then why is it ok for 20% of the population? Since we are part of the 20%, consider that when yielding your power. Use your power to make the community a better place to live for all who reside there. Look at other options than to sue owners. Utilize self help, and find out what options the City offers to help owners who can’t afford to maintain their property and are facing violations and potential lawsuits. Filing lawsuits against our neighbors should be a last resort.

Prepared by HOA Savers LLC,

*In most states, such as in AZ, HOA management companies are not licensed or regulated.

Let's try some petitions for change!

HOASavers is trying to help protect homeowners supporting legislative changes and education.

HOASavers - news & articles - promoting change in the HOA industry to protect the homeowners!

Boards Hire and Communicate Directly with your CPA

The person doing your financials should not be hiring and communicating with your CPA. Hire directly and do all the communicating. Possibly consider:

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 She is offering her services to all HOAs in the US.

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